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The Culture of Cooptimize

why We’re awesome

Labor and talent shortages. A record-low unemployment rate. As an in-demand BI professional, you can be picky. So why choose a start-up company like Cooptimize?

Wall art and neon sign that reads "this must be the place"

Worker Cooperative

The voice of the employees is the voice of the entire company.


Collaborative, equitable, and efficient.


Excellent wages combined with distribution of all company profits.


We do what’s logical, not what’s been done before.

A Worker Cooperative: One Person, One Vote

We’re a work environment without a hierarchy; a place where the voice of the employees is the voice of the company. Being employee-centric is not a play on words but our credo and committed practice. Our cooperative model truly means one person, one vote.

After years in the standard corporate environment, you may be thinking, How is this unique and supportive environment even possible? Or even, What’s the catch? We understand the wariness, and assure you there’s no catch. We’ve created a model where employees have the option to be worker/owners and collectively make the decisions. All of them. There are no directives from on high that override the collective viewpoint. 

Just about everyone working in a technical field has experienced the stress and upheaval of a merger or acquisition. We’ve purposely made ourselves a terrible acquisition target. There’s nothing to acquire because the value belongs to (and is enjoyed by) the employees. 

On compensation, we take a long-term view rooted in generosity and fairness. We return employee-generated value rather than keeping it for a select few. All company profits go into the employee’s pockets, meaning you come out ahead for a change. You finally reap the full benefits of your hard work.

What We Do

Companies need ongoing, consistent, long-term support to apply business intelligence to their strategy and processes. They require specific business intelligence tools, ERP/CRM systems, and broad business knowledge. Our First Principles approach means clients receive rapid value through services including specific structured time each week, automation, and investment in open-source tools.

We’re building a productive, content, and loyal employee base with wage transparency, profit sharing, and shorter work weeks. We’ve also thrown out meaningless metrics and annoying processes (like time sheets).

A Collaborative Approach

As a consultant, you’ve probably experienced having to just figure it out on the delivery end after a client is sold the impossible. Cooptimize is about creating alliances between sales, customer service, and delivery.

To support both our employees and clients, we revel in and encourage automation and innovation. Continuous improvement must have a positive correlation with our business outcomes.

Cooptimize Working Style

We think you’ll agree that 32-hour work weeks are long enough, so here at Cooptimize, Fridays are part of the weekend. To make this happen, we sell a 32-hour week to clients. 

There is a proven mental and productivity cost to task switching. Cooptimize employees benefit from a predictable workload and schedule via Focus Time. Each week, your time is divided into 8 blocks of 4 hours, allowing undistracted time for one project. We limit the time blocks sold or scheduled to 6-7 blocks per employee. Focus Time means:

  • No overbooking.
  • Collaboration. Consultants work on the same project at the same time.
  • Distraction reduction. Unless something is on fire (it’s rarely on fire), it can wait until that client’s Focus Time.
  • Efficiency. Enough time to do real, actual, work!
  • A refreshing take on utilization. We have no plan to put consultants at 100%. You have time built in to use as you see fit.
  • No consulting islands. There are lead consultants on every project.
  • Creativity. Enjoy the freedom to create cool open-source tools for customers.
  • Mandatory overtime? Strongly discouraged. Cooptimize prioritizes work-life balance.
  • No. Time. Sheets. Hourly billing rewards inefficiency and discourages automation.

Salary and the Power of Transparency

Salary secrecy is a blindly accepted practice, as is determining salaries on an individual basis. Our Operating Truth is to normalize sharing salary information. Think about it – pay isn’t kept secret so a company can overpay you. Secrecy combined with no standard salary structure invites a culture of discrimination. For instance, employees without a financial safety net may be forced to accept whatever is offered. That’s unfair. 

Cooptimize strives to make compensation transparent and equitable. Our goal is to offer excellent wages combined with the distribution of all company profits. Here’s our structure:

Cooptimize Salaries for 2023 

To calculate your salary, add up every applicable row:

  • Cooptimize Full-Time Minimum Wage: $80,000
  • Relevant Microsoft BI Certifications: $1,000 per certification
  • 1+ Years Microsoft BI Experience: $2,500
  • 2+ Years Microsoft BI Experience: $5,000
  • 3+ Years Microsoft BI Experience: $7,500
  • Senior Consultant or Lead Consultant: $15,000
  • Lead Consultant: $20,000
  • Worker Owner: $10,000
  • Plus all profits are distributed over time!

Minimum Wage is the starting wage for any full time employee.

Experience is how many (full-time) years you’ve worked with the technology Cooptimize is utilizing.

We have three levels: Consultant, Senior Consultant, and Lead Consultant.

Becoming a Worker Owner requires unanimous consent of the other Worker Owners.

Profit Sharing: At Cooptimize, It’s For Everyone

The typical company profit structure is heavily weighted toward owners, partners, and founders. Discussions about profit dispersion are typically geared toward business operations, not into our employees’ pockets. We firmly believe those doing the work have earned the profits. The Cooptimize co-founders get the same employee profit-sharing formula. We mean 100% profit sharing literally. Rooted in integrity and fairness, it’s the right thing to do.

We’re excited to share the Cooptimize experience with the right folks who really get where we’re coming from. If that’s you, let’s talk. Apply now.

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