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Created By Employees
For Employees

We have organized Cooptimize as a worker cooperative – structurally different than most companies.

Traditionally a company has three types of stakeholders – owners, managers, and workers. In a worker cooperative, everyone takes on all three of those personas. Shares don’t vote; people vote. Everyone makes decisions. Consensus and autonomy both have importance.


Everyone gets paid from the same salary schedule. If the formula is wrong, we all have a voice in changing it.


When Cooptimize makes money, we all make money. All workers are part of the profit share plan.

Whole Family

100% Health care for the whole family, 2% Retirement, 5 Weeks PTO, and more!

4-Day Work

We value focus, automation, and efficiency. Most importantly we value a sustainable work environment.

Democracy at

In a cooperative, decisions are made under the principles of finding consensus and one person one vote.


Show Me The Money!

Wage EscalatorsSalary
(per year)
Company Minimum Wage (full-time employee)$ 80,000
Relevant Certifications$ 1,000 per
Microsoft BI Experience 
1+ Years consulting / implementation experience$ 2,500
2+ Years consulting / implementation experience$ 5,000
3+ Years consulting / implementation experience$ 7,500
Senior Consultant$ 15,000
Lead Consultant$ 20,000
Worker Owners$ 10,000
Each applicable row above is added together.

Profit Share

Profit Share For All

All employees participate in the profit share plan from their first quarter.

75/25 Split

75% of profits are paid to workers and 25% are reinvested into workers or other investments.

12 Quarters

Profits are paid out over 12 quarters so we have sufficient cash flow.

Share Math

The math gets a bit complicated; after three years you are paid an equal amount to colleagues at the same Level.


  • 4-Day, 32 Hour Work Weeks
  • 5 Weeks + 2 Hours PTO
  • 1 Week of Accrued PTO on your first day
  • Accrued PTO paid if you leave Cooptimize
  • 100% Gold Plan Health Care Premiums for You, Your Spouse, and Your Dependents
  • 100% Dental and Vision Premiums paid for whole family
  • Short-Term Disability
  • 2% SIMPLE IRA contribution on salary
  • Home office (internet, mobile phone, electricity, physical space) reimbursement @ $200/month
  • Home office equipment (computers, monitors, desks, Cooptimize clothing, etc) reimbursement @ $100/month up to the amount you paid. You keep the equipment.
  • No post-employment restrictions, such as non-solicit or non-compete agreements.
Cooptimize employees kayaking on a Friday in Austin, Texas instead of working.

Does Cooptimize Have Open Positions?

No, until we do.

Cooptimize is a small company. In 2023 we grew 150%! Which means we went from 2 to 5 employees.

Because of our size, our hiring is opportunistic. We have to have enough work lined up to support another employee. And then we find someone who has the skills for the work we have lined up.

We encourage you to apply. Even if there’s no position today, we try to make connections to have a shortlist for future positions. We prefer to not start a search from scratch.

What Skills Do We Look For?

Microsoft BI: Power BI • Power Query • Dataflows • Microsoft Fabric

General BI: Data Modelling • Application and database research • Visual design • General business process • Finance concepts • Process automation

Microsoft Data Stack Which Will Eventually All Be Microsoft Fabric: SQL Coding • Database management • Database performance • Azure Synapse / Serverless SQL • Azure Data Factory • Other Azure Stuff

Microsoft Business Solutions: Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain • Dynamics 365 on Dataverse • Dynamics 365 Business Central • Power Apps • Power Automate

Consulting: Listen • Ask Questions • Figure Shit Out • Collaborate • Teach • Kindness • Empathy • Directness

General Nerd: You don’t need to call IT • APIs • Troubleshooting • Automation

6 Things We Don’t Like

You Won’t Believe Number Five!


We are going to do our best to avoid time based billing. We deliver value, not hours.

Random Calendars

We block Focus Time™️ so client work comes as a priority, work levels aren’t overloaded, and collaboration happens by design.

Dress Codes

It’s weird to make rules about someone’s appearance.

Manual Processes

Our robot, Kat 🤖, keeps this place running smooth.


We are all equal participants and make collective decisions. Complete transparency should be the default answer.

Pointless Meetings

We love collaboration and hate meetings that could have been an email.