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Created By Employees
For Employees

Full transparency with salary formulas, 100% profit sharing, excellent benefits, modern work schedule, democratic decision making.


Transparent Salaries

Everyone gets paid from the same salary schedule. If the formula is wrong, we will fix it.

Equitable Profit Sharing

When Cooptimize makes money, we all make money. All workers are part of the profit share plan.


When the employees get all the profits, coming up with benefits is simple. Let’s decide what we want!


32 Hour Work Weeks

100% Health Care Premiums for You, Your Spouse, and Your Dependents.

Five weeks PTO

PTO paid out if you leave

…and more stuff we haven’t figured out yet.

Cooptimize employees kayaking on a Friday in Austin, Texas instead of working.
Friday Kayaking on the River
“YOU cannot be Serious”

Transparent Salaries

You are at a birthday party. The host estimates the minimum amount of cake each guest will be happy with, asks about the last piece of cake they ate, and divides the guests into separate rooms. After an hour, you are delivered your slice. It’s actually a decent slice – hit the spot. You glance into the kitchen and the host is binging on a third of the cake.

Would you RSVP Yes or No next year?

It’s impossible to make a “perfect” salary process. Our belief is making salary calculations simple and transparent will create an equitable system. By sharing all profits, our total compensation should be excellent.

When we are closer to hiring, we will be publishing all the salary calculations on the website. Candidates won’t need to jump through hoops to find out the numbers.

You Won’t Believe Number Five!

6 Things We Don’t Like


We are going to do our best to avoid time based billing. We deliver value, not hours.

Random Calendars

We block Focus Time so client work comes as a priority, work levels aren’t overloaded, and collaboration happens by design.

Dress Codes

It’s weird to make rules about someone’s appearance.

Manual Processes

Our robot, Kat 🤖, keeps this place running smooth.


We are all equal participants and make collective decisions. Complete transparency should be the default answer.


We love collaboration, and hate meetings that could have been an email.