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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy “Golden Rules”


We don’t like being tracked, so we don’t track you.

Anonymous Statistics

Website statistics for which pages and blogs are popular, and the search terms used to find

No Unsubscribe

Subscribing to recurring emails should only be via an explicit opt-in process.


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What We Collect

  • Plausible Analytics is installed to collect anonymous statistics. Plausible is a cookie-less, privacy focused analytics service.
  • There are forms on this website where you can volunteer your personal contact information.
  • If you use Teams Chat or Email us, you are effectively volunteering personal contact information.

How We Use Personal Data

  • Personal contact information is used to personally contact you.
  • Personal contact information is stored in our Power Apps database to help us organize communication.
  • You are NOT automatically opted in to anything that would require an “Unsubscribe” option, such as newsletters or marketing emails.


  • To the best of our knowledge, this website does not use cookies.

Can You Request Deletion of Your Data?

  • Your data can easily be removed from our Power Apps app, where it would be most widely accessible.
  • Complete removal of personal data from our entire tenant would be complicated and time consuming. Therefore, we will do what is required by law.
    • For example, contact information could exist in integration files, email text history, user level address books, and/or Outlook contact auto-fill records.
  • Contact us to make a data deletion request.

This Policy Could Change

  • These terms might change at any time via updates to this page.