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Business Intelligence for Dynamics 365

Business Intelligence for Dynamics 365

Cooptimize is a consulting firm designed to be your long-term partner.

Expert Help

You need help. We know things.

We are experts in Microsoft technology, analytics, and business operations.

No Sales Pitch

Our consulting packages are low-risk, transparent, and simple. Tell us your ideas and we’ll tell you what it will take.


You get Focus Time™️ and collaboration on the same day(s) every week.

Stress-Free Zone

From 32-hour work weeks to profit sharing, our cooperative strives to be the best place to work!

What We Do For You

Solve Problems

Build custom reports and dashboards enabling you to solve business challenges and make informed decisions.

Application Research

Quickly find and research relevant data from Dynamics 365 and other business applications.

Data Warehousing

Accumulate data from the variety of software you use, allowing consistent answers across all aspects of your business.

Advanced Insights

Develop calculations and metrics so you can quickly view signals, trends, insights, and problems.


A selection of our most exquisite offerings.

I Think I Want Power BI
Fixed Price
Power BI Starter Pack
Build, deploy, and document the basic components you'll need to start using Power BI.
7-Click Purchase7-Click Purchase
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Fixed Price
BI Architecture and Roadmap
Provide an approach to utilize data from Dynamics 365 and other business applications.
Show Me The WayShow Me The Way
100 Meter Dashboard
Monthly (Ongoing)
Power BI with Management Consulting
Process consulting, data analysis, and Power BI report building.
Ready. Set. Report!Ready. Set. Report!
You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Monthly (2 - 6 Months)
Transition to Data Lakes
Upgrade your existing solution using Dynamics 365 data written to a Data Lake.
Dive InDive In

All Packages & Pricing

Fixed Price Starter Packs

From Power BI starter packs to enterprise architecture, we get you rolling. Fast.

Continuous Improvement

Consistent help solving prioritized initiatives and goals.

Dynamics 365 Projects

BI and data services for your Dynamics 365 implementation or upgrade.

Custom Packages & Hourly

Custom level of service that fits your requirements.

Should I Buy Power BI Services From My Dynamics Partner?

Maybe. 🤷

A typical Dynamics Partner wants to sell a project to develop a solution, train your team, and move on to the next client.

We don’t want to move on to the next client – we want a partnership. We know organizations make optimal progress with individualized, consistent help. You rank your initiatives and goals; we make them happen.

We also reduce overhead by eliminating timesheets, budgets, and other pointless tasks. We spend our time on what matters!

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A Key Dynamics Tool – The Data Lazy River

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