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What is a Fractional Data Team?

Consultants with a variety of data skills, collaborating with your business on an ongoing basis.

Why a Fractional Data Team?

Businesses need data help, but might not know what kind of help.

Especially if they’re not in the business of doing data work.

Data Teams Help With

Data Warehouse

Use Azure, SQL, Fabric, and Power BI tools to organize data from multiple sources into a single, coherent structure that can be easily queried and analyzed.

Data Migration

Automate cleaning, transforming, and loading data into Dynamics 365 and Dataverse.

Power BI

Data models, calculations, metrics, and insights to enable data driven business decisions.

Excel Hell

We’ve all been there.
When your only tool’s a hammer…

But what if there were better tools?
Let us help you.

Get Started

Members of Cooptimize Fractional Data Teams are available in weekly, half-day increments of service. We believe high-leverage data work gets done most effectively through focus, which is why we invented Focus Time™️. We collaborate with you to prioritize, stack-rank, and agree on the work to be done…then we do the work.

Having a consistent, personal relationship gives you the benefit of a data professional with nuanced understanding of your business and data. Having a Cooptimize data professional gives you access to the collective experience and best practices of our cooperative. (We call this…cooptimization 😎).

Business Intelligence is a continuous improvement process. Its greatest benefits come from consistent collaboration.

Not sure what to prioritize? We offer Fixed Price Starter Packages.

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