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Continuous Improvement


Business intelligence is not something you purchase, it is something you do. We offer ongoing services to assist you in making strategic decisions and taking action.

Change Management

Employees can only make so many changes at one time. We help you manage changes and new ideas at a reasonable pace.

Focus Time™️

Collaborate with us on the same day(s) every week.


Ongoing plans give us space to make recommendations, explore new ideas, and secretly do all the maintenance tasks you don’t care about.


100 Meter Dashboard
Monthly (Ongoing)
Power BI with Management Consulting
Process consulting, data analysis, and Power BI report building.
Ready. Set. Report!Ready. Set. Report!
Monthly (Ongoing)
Technical Expertise
Expert technical help for Power BI, Azure, and Dynamics 365.
SUM( Help[Me] )SUM( Help[Me] )
Monthly (Ongoing)
Expert Help
Combined functional and technical collaboration.
Let's DanceLet's Dance

Packages & Pricing

Fixed Price Starter Packs

From Power BI starter packs to enterprise architecture, we get you rolling. Fast.

Fractional Data Team

Consistent help solving prioritized initiatives and goals.

Why not bill hourly like everyone else?

We can; prices are available on our Custom Services page.

To provide exceptional value we invest in automation, standard Dynamics 365 content, and a long-term relationship with your business. We structure our work weeks so your company and BI implementation are a consistent priority. Finally, we know our capacity and won’t sell something we cannot deliver exceptionally well.

These descriptions aren’t funny.

No worries! Bad jokes are included free of charge!

Some prices say “+”; what’s the exact price and timeframe?

We have an idea of what a project takes for a typical company based on our experience. We will have a discussion to find out more about your requirements and desired outcomes to provide the final numbers.

When can we start?

Click the button below or the chat above to find out.