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Custom Packages & Hourly

Custom Package

We use the same delivery and pricing model for every package. We can make a plan that fits your requirements.


Our hourly services are for high level strategy discussions and guidance.

Fire Drill Bonus

Yes, the “Fire Drill” is an absurd price. We hope we never sell it. If we do, our consultants are directly pocketing the extra money.

Choose Your Own Adventure
Monthly (Ongoing)
Custom Project or Package
A package designed just for you!
Begrudging Timesheets
Per Hour
Hourly Billed Project
Best for occasional, expert level assistance.
Fire Drill
Per Hour (Prepaid)
Project With Absurd Timelines
Your project is a mess and management is demanding you go-live but the users will revolt if they don't have any reporting and you need the best of the best.

Correspond with Cooptimize

All Packages & Pricing

Fixed Price Starter Packs

From Power BI starter packs to enterprise architecture, we get you rolling. Fast.

Continuous Improvement

Consistent help solving prioritized initiatives and goals.

Dynamics 365 Projects

BI and data services for your Dynamics 365 implementation or upgrade.

Custom Packages & Hourly

Custom level of service that fits your requirements.