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Cooptimize is Open! Four Things To Know About Us

“The Blog Page Was Completely Empty So We Wrote This”

At a basic level, we provide Business Intelligence services for Dynamics 365 customers – but a lot of other companies do that too! Below are four unique aspects of Cooptimize.


We are nerds with the Power Platform at our fingertips – everything had better be automated! We are currently working on automating: our internal processes and custom Power App, billing, Power BI repetitive tasks, and project management summarized reporting.


A cooperative is an organization where the people involved benefit directly. There are different types of cooperatives – you probably have experience with member cooperatives, such as a credit union or homeowners association.

In our employee cooperative, 100% of the profits are split amongst all employees, big decisions are made democratically, and transparency is the default position.


Our packaged offerings aren’t only there because tracking timesheets is lame.

We know we can add more value to our customers in less time through automation and having templated Dynamics 365 content. This presents a dilemma for traditional hourly billing – when value is tied to hours, inefficiency is rewarded while efficiency is punished!

We want our focus where it should be – helping you make better decisions.


A modern consultancy should be relaxed, equitable, and the work interesting.

We strive to keep things relaxed via a consistent 32-hour work week.

We strive to keep things equitable through transparency and standardization for our customers and employees.

We strive to keep things interesting by quickly investigating and adopting the latest technology.

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