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Open Source

Cooptimize open source projects hosted on GitHub

This is All…Free?

Why Does Cooptimize Provide Open Source Code?

  1. We want to help Dynamics 365 consumers solve hard business problems. To do this, we have to make it faster for everyone to address the easier stuff.
  2. We want to meet and collaborate with people working on similar problems.
  3. Demonstrating our nerd credentials is our idea of marketing.


About Dataverse Repository

There are several ways to get data out of Dataverse for reporting. While there is no good generic advice on “right” or “wrong” approaches, there are ways to give yourself more flexibility by using certain design patterns.

The Dataverse Repository applies to Dynamics 365 CRM apps, but doesn’t have any dependency on using those apps.

Tools in Dataverse Repository

  • Fast methods to resolve Option Sets/Choice text for every field from a Data Lake source.